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Graphene Sheets
Graphene Sheets

Nano graphene sheets have large aspect ratio (diameter / thickness ratio), with excellent electrical conductivity, lubrication, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics.

Nano graphene sheet thickness about is 4 ~ 20nm, microchip size is 5 ~ 10μm, less than 30 layers.

Nano graphene sheets shows its excellent properties in thermal conductivity, thermal plastic use, thermal polymer composites,

thermal materials.

Nanographene sheet itself has a very high thermal conductivity, the composite material can be used as an additive, greatly improve the thermal conductivity of the base material. At the same time there are broad application prospects in the conductive rubber, conductive plastic, antistatic materials.

Purity:> 99.5wt% (and we have >90wt% and <50layers for industrial grade)

Thickness: 4-20nm

Layers: <30

Diameter: 5-10μm

Density: 0.23g / cm3

Volume resistivity: 4 * 10-4

PH value: PH = 7.00-7.65 (30 ℃)

The product inherits the natural flake graphite crystal structure and properties of the original; shape having a large ratio (diameter / thickness ratio); graphene nano-sheet having a nano-thickness easily with other materials such as a polymer composite material is uniformly and form a good composite interface; has excellent electrical conductivity, lubricity, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics.