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β-TCP powder
β-TCP powder

Chemical Name:tricalcium phosphate

Synonyms:Tricalciumbis,       molecularweight:310.18

molecularformula:Ca3(PO4)2     density:3.14g/cm3

M.P:1670℃,                  refractive index:1.626


beta-TCPhassimilar composition with bone & mineralcomposition,Whiteamorphous powder,odorlessness.Stability in theair,resolve in hotwater,soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid andnitric acid,almostinsoluble in water, ethanol and acetic acid.Goodbiologicalcompatibility,they can degrade at different degree inthephysiological environment and can be absorbed by theorganictissues.


(β-TCP)hasgood biodegradability, biocompatibility, and abilitytoinduce bone,after implanted body, degradation calciumand phosphorus can enterthe circulatorysystem in vivo, theformationof new bone, so a largenumberused bone tissuerepair. Butits poortoughness, brittle, poor loadbearing. Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) because oftheirgood biocompatibilityand biodegradability advantages, also usedin bone tissuerepair.


Name       Average particle size    purity     color
β-TCP                 0.5-15um               96%     white

mainapplication:Tricalcium phosphatehasgood biocompatibility, bioactivity and biodegradability, isgood forhuman hard tissue repair and replacement materials in thebiomedicalengineering field has been closely watched bythepeople.
A commonly used medical tricalcium phosphate form ofaspecial-β-tricalcium phosphate. Good biocompatibility,bioactivityand biodegradability, is good for human hard tissuerepair andreplacement materials as artificial bone materials, hasbeen widelyused in orthopedics, plastic and cosmetic surgery,dental,rehabilitation due to trauma, cancer, inflammation, bonediseaseand other bone defects and bone due to fusion. Can be usedas asafe food nutrition fortifier added to enhance calcium intake,canalso be used for the prevention or treatment of calciumdeficiencysymptoms. Also serves as an anti-caking agent in foods,PH valueregulating agents, buffers, etc.
β-tricalcium phosphate is mainly composed of calcium andphosphorus,whose composition is similar to the inorganic componentof bonematrix, good combine with bone. Animal or human cells intheβ-tricalcium phosphate material, normal growth, differentiationandreproduction. Through a large number of experimental studieshaveshown that: β-tricalcium phosphate bone marrowhematopoieticfunction without adverse reaction, no rejection, noacute toxicity,will not cancerous, no allergies. Therefore,β-tricalcium phosphateis widely used in joints and spinal fusion,limb trauma, oralmaxillofacial surgery, cardiovascular surgery,periodontal andfilling voids and so on. As people of β-tricalciumphosphatedeepening of the research, its application also appearedin theform of diversification, and in clinical medicine reflectsbetterperformance.
The degree of hemolysis <5%, when the β-tricalcium phosphatetobe implanted in the human body after body fluids can degradeandabsorption of calcium and phosphorus to be absorbed into thebodyfluid circulation system, implanted in the body after acertaintime the β-phosphate tricalcium gradually dissolved away,theformation of new bone. β-tricalcium phosphate combinedwithautologous bone marrow is an ideal method for treatment ofbonedefects after implantation no significant local tissueinflammationand other reactions, as a carrier of anti-TB drugs andantibiotics,osteomyelitis stuffer to the affected area, the basicrepair ofbone defects.