Product Detail
Iron Nanoparticle
Iron Nanoparticle

APS:30-100 nm




Apparent density:0.35-0.48 g/cm3

Nano iron powder is larger than the surface, has the very strong tunnel effect and the boundary of the small size effect, and also has general performance of the ordinary iron powder. Therefore, such products are widely used in radar wave absorber, magnetic recording equipment, heat resistant alloy, powder metallurgy, injection molding, a variety of additives, cemented carbide binder, electronic electrician, metal ceramic, chemical catalysis, high-grade paint, etc. Product powder granularity and narrow particle size distribution, high purity, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful elements is low, good liquidity, powder high antioxidant capacity, low sintering temperature.
Nanometer iron powder. Because of the large specific surface size small [100 nanometers) with high surface energy. So will produce in the process of preparation of reunion and oxidation phenomenon. Even combustion and explosion.

Main application:
Absorbing material
Permeability pulp
High performance magnetic recording materials
Magnetic fluids