Product Detail
Aluminium nitride
Aluminium nitride

Name                          Aluminum nitride ;ALN

Molecular Weight      40.99  

CAS Registry Number      24304-00-5  

EINECS      246-140-8  

APS:50 nm;   99%;  Grey-white cubic structure;  0.8%(total oxygen);  105m2/g(SSA);  0.05 g/cm3(apparent density)

High purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low apparent density, good injection molding performance;Good used in composite material, matching with the semiconductor silicon, good interfacial compatibility, can improve the mechanical properties and dielectric properties of thermal conductivity of the composite material.

Main application:
Thermal conductive silicone
Thermal conductivity of epoxy resin
Nanostructured ceramic automotive lubricants
High thermal conductive plastic