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Alumina Grinding Ball
Alumina Grinding Ball

Al2O3 powder

a:    40nm   99.9%  

r:     20nm   99.0%  

Alumina grinding balls that are based on bauxite, roll bar powder, industrial alumina powder, alpha alumina calcination powder as raw material, through the ingredients, grinding, milling (pulp, made of mud), forming, drying , made of sintered, mainly as a grinding

medium has been widely used ball stone. Depending on the alumina content can be divided into aluminum ball, the aluminum ball and alumina balls.

Generally, we classified 60% -65% alumina content  as aluminum ball,

75% -80% alumina content is called the alumina balls, more than 90% alumina content of alumina balls. Which aluminum ball subdivided into 90 porcelain, 92 porcelain, 95 porcelain and 99 porcelain. 99 porcelain because of its high production costs and few major manufacturers of high-volume manufacturing, mainly as part of special ceramics factory.

Aluminum ball and the aluminum ball due to its lower price, and was accepted by the majority of the ceramics factory, mainly used for grinding ceramic blanks. Alumina ball because of its high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, heavy, small size, high temperature, corrosion, pollution and other outstanding features are widely used in different types of ceramic, enamel, glass, chemicals so thick factory finishing and deep processing of hard materials, especially aluminum ball 92 levels of the most widely used.

Alumina grinding balls, alumina grinding balls technical data below:




Bulk density


Water absorption


Moh’s hardness


Abrasion loss


High Alumina

Grinding Balls











Medium Alumina

Grinding Balls







1.Normal size: 5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm,30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm.

2. We also can provide the custom-made.


highly alumina grinding ball low wear, can greatly extend the life of the grinding bodies.    Big corundum grinding media hardness, hardness tested Ta Mok's more than eight.

Alumina ball having a high strength, impact resistance. Its compressive strength of    1500MPa above, can be widely used in the impact force, require abrasion small vibration mill device.

3. Highly resistant alumina grinding ball over one thousand degree heat, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance. Meet the petroleum, chemical industry with.

4. Highly alumina grinding ball rolling and isostatic pressing, heavy, can greatly improve

grinding efficiency, reduce grinding time, while effectively increasing the effective volume of the ball mill, thereby increasing the amount abrasive materials.


Alumina grinding balls due to its high content of alumina, high-density, high hardness and high wear resistance are widely used in different types of ceramics, sanitary ceramics, industrial ceramics, electronic ceramics, enamel, glass, and high-grade refractory materials, special cement, non-metallic mineral processing, mechanical polishing, major oil refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, urea plants, fertilizer plants, dye works and pharmaceuticals, paints and other industries as a grinding medium.


1. Net weight 25KGS/ bag, double woven bag with fumigation-free pallet, out side with packaging film.

2. Net weight 1000KGS/ton bag.

3. Or customers' requirement.