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Zirconium Dioxide Powder
Zirconium Dioxide Powder

Zirconia oxide powder

APS: 20nm; white monoclinic crystal;  99.9%

APS: 40nm;  white square crystal;  99.9%

Zirconia with strong thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, outstanding material compound, etc.The ultrafine zirconia (Al2O3, SiO2) composite with other materials, can greatly improve the performance of material parameters, to improve the fracture toughness, flexural strength, etc.Ultrafine zirconia, therefore, not only applied in the field of structural ceramics and functional ceramics, also applied to improve the surface properties of metallic materials (thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, etc.).Use of ultrafine zirconium oxide doped conductive characteristics of different elements, in high performance solid batteries used for electrode manufacturing.

Main application:
Precision structural ceramics
Functional ceramics
Nanometer catalyst
A solid fuel battery
Functional coatings
Senior refractories
Fiber optic splice pieces
Ceramic seal machinery
High wear-resisting ceramics ball