Product Detail
Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Oxide

MgO Nano Powder

APS: 30nm;     99.8%;       24m2/g(SSA);       White spherical;        65mg/g(value of iodine absorption);

A new type of nano particle material, the appearance of white powder, high purity, large specific surface area, consisting of very fine grain, non-toxic, tasteless, good dispersibility, relative density 3.58 (25 ℃).Melting point 2852 ℃, boiling point of 3600 ℃. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, soluble in acid or ammonium salt solution.Through above 1000 ℃ high temperature burning, can be converted into crystals.Particle size is 30 nm, has obvious small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunnel effect, no obvious phenomenon of reunion, in optics, catalysis, magnetic, mechanical, chemical, etc have many specific features and important application value and prospects are very broad.

Main application:
Chemical fiber, plastic
Silicon steel sheet
Radio industry
Electrical insulator material
Ceramic capacitor
Nano ceramic powder
Glass ceramic coating
High toughness ceramic material
Ceramic plate material