Product Detail
Nano Zinc Oxide
Nano Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide ; Zinc white

Molecular Formula      ZnO  

Molecular Weight      81.39  

CAS Registry Number      1314-13-2 (8051-03-4)  

Average particle size(APS):15nm; 99.9%; 110m2/g (SSA);0.15g/cm3(apparent density); white powder

                                        APS:50nm;99.5%; 45m2/g(SSA);      0.4g/cm3(apparent density); white powder

This products with shielding ultraviolet disinfection, infrared absorption, many strange functions such as health care, cool or warm.Nanometer zinc oxide can also improve the rubber abrasion resistance, tear resistance, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties.Nanometer zinc oxide unique antibacterial function can be widely used in advanced antimicrobial self-cleaning sanitary ceramics, floor tile, paint, plastic, etc.;Its excellent electrical and optical properties, can be used to manufacture varistor, phosphor, image recording materials, etc.
Nano zinc oxide (ZnO) particle size between 1-100 nm, is a kind of new high function fine inorganic product oriented toward the 21st century, shows a lot of special properties, such as the migration, fluorescent, piezoelectric, absorption and scattering ultraviolet ability, etc., using the optical, electrical, magnetic, sensitive to the wonderful performance of the respect such as, can make gas sensor, phosphor, rheostat, uv shielding materials, image recording materials, piezoelectric materials, varistor, efficient catalyst, magnetic materials, plastic film, etc

Main application:
Rubber industry
Coating & paint
Antibacterial and Deodorant materials
Electronic industry and instrument
Military industry: infrared absorption materials