Product Detail
Nano Silicon Oxide
Nano Silicon Oxide

Nano SiO2

Average particle size:15nm


White spherical structure

Specific surface area:300m2/g

Apparent density:0.05g/cm3

Nano silica particle size is small, narrow particle size distribution, pore, large specific surface area, high surface hydroxyl content more, ultraviolet, visible light and infrared reflection ability, etc.By the BET method, test and analysis, specific surface area of nano silica;By the infrared spectrum analysis, there are a lot of nano silica surface hydroxyl and unsaturated residual keys, and deviation from the silica structure of the steady state;The Cary - 5 e spectrophotometer testing, nano silica on, long wave in the ultraviolet and visible light have a high albedo;With Omnisorp100CX specific surface and porosity analyzer measured P type nano silica surface contains many nanoscale pores, the pore rate of 0.611 ml/g.
Nano silica with small particle size, many microporous and high specific surface area, high content of surface - OH, ultraviolet, visible light and infrared reflection ability, etc.Especially with the improvement of the product surface treatment technology, soft reunion of nanoparticles was significantly reduced, and the compatibility of organic polymer materials, greatly broaden the application field of the product.

Mail application:

Magnetic materials
Ink-jet printing and paper
Vinyl fabric