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Nickel Powder
Nickel Powder


Name                         Average particle size                 Purity              Specific surface area  
Ni powder               45nm(range:
30-60nm)                99%                    40~50m2/g

main application:

Magnetic fluid;

Widely used in sealing,medical apparatus and instruments, sound adjust, light display etc.,

Efficacious Catalyzer;

Due to its largesurfaceandhigh activity, nickelnanometerhasgood catalyzingeffect, it is applicable to organichydrogenationreaction, tail gasprocessing, etc.

High-effect combustion supporting;

Can greatly improve the efficiency of heat of combustion of fuel combustion, improving the stability of combustion.

Conducting pastes;

widely used in microelectronics industry.


nickel nano particle can be made into electrode with huge surface,which considerably improves discharge efficiency.

Activated sintering additives;

At lower temperatures have strong ability of sintering is an effective sintering additives, powder metallurgy products and high temperature ceramic products will be decreased and the sintering temperature.

conductive processing for Metallic and non-metallic coatings;

Applied to the production of microelectronic device