Product Detail
Nickel Foam
Nickel Foam


Thickness range: 0.8-5mm

PPI range: 20-140

Porosity: 95-98%

Hole rate: ≥98%

Aperture: 0.3mm-3mm (10-140ppi)

Surface density: g/m2 100-2000

Bulk density: 0.1-2.0g/cm3

Size: coil or sheet

Main features:

Sound: the porous structure can produce diffuse reflection, so as to achieve the silencing effect of microporous silencing on acoustic wave

Specific surface area: under the same rate of pass through, compared to other porous materials have the largest specific surface area

Electromagnetic shielding: a certain range of electromagnetic waves have a better shielding effect

Processing performance: can be relatively easy to cut, stamping, bending and other machining

Fire resistance: high temperature 1100 degrees above, to maintain a stable shape, not easy to burn

Strong thermal conductivity: uniform pore structure, fast heat transfer

Permeability: gas, fluid flow stability of super strong, can be used as a filter to use

Corrosion resistance: resistance to a variety of acid and alkali corrosion


Chemical power supply:

Used in nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, fuel cell and battery electrode materials

Chemical engineering field:

Catalyst and its carrier, filter media, the media in the separator, such as oil and water separator, automobile exhaust purifier, air purifier, etc., distillation column packing, condenser heat exchange material

The field of electrochemical engineering:

Electrolytic hydrogen production, electro catalytic process, electrochemical metallurgy, etc.

In the field of thermal engineering:

Damping material, high efficiency heat conductive material

Functional material field:

Noise and vibration absorption and buffering of electromagnetic shielding, stealth technology, flame retardant, insulation etc.

Industrial field:

Industrial filter material, high-grade decoration material, industrial filter net