Product Detail
Fe Foam
Fe Foam


Thickness range: 2-40mm

PPI range: 10-140

Porosity: 95-98%

Hole rate: ≥98%

Aperture: 0.3mm-7mm (10-140ppi)

Surface density: 100-15000g

Bulk density: 0.1-2.0g/cm3

Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 (Max)

Main features:

Sound: the porous structure can produce diffuse reflection, so as to achieve the silencing effect of microporous silencing on acoustic wave

Specific surface area: under the same rate of pass through, compared to other porous materials have the largest specific surface area

Electromagnetic shielding: a certain range of electromagnetic waves have a better shielding effect

Processing performance: can be relatively easy to cut, stamping, bending and other machining

Fire resistance: high temperature 1100 degrees above, to maintain a stable shape, not easy to burn

Strong thermal conductivity: uniform pore structure, fast heat transfer

Permeability: gas, fluid flow stability of super strong, can be used as a filter to use


Electrode material:

Used in nickel zinc batteries, electric double layer capacitors and other battery electrode framework materials

Industrial field:

Industrial filter material, high-grade decoration material, industrial filter net

Cushioning material:

Pressure relief protection device for pressure meter