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Silver Nanospheres
Silver Nanospheres

Name: Silver Nanospheres

Average size:

20nm 40nm 60nm 80nm


Specific surface area:2.5-15m2/g

Apparent density:0.25-0.6 g/cm3

Custom lengths and diameters are available

Silver nanoparticles,as a new antibacterial material,fabricated by modern nanotechnology,has been applied widely in biomedical field owing to its excellent antibacterial character and wound renovation effects.At present,a variety of silver nanoparticles products are used in clinic,such as silver nanoparticles antimicrobial gel,silver nanoparticles wound dressings,silver nanoparticles cardiovascular stents,silver nanoparticles catheters,silver nanoparticles bone cement and so on.In recent years,studies show that silver nanoparticles’s long-lasting,broad-spectrum,potent antibacterial activity stem result from its complex and specific antibacterial mechanism.

The application of silver nanowires:
(1) conductive products:
(2) the antibacterial products
(3) cosmetics
(4) biological medicine
(5) glass industry
(6) catalysts
(7) optical applications