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Zirconium Dioxide Bead
Zirconium Dioxide Bead

Specific Density 3.2:

Scope of application: superfine heavy calcium carbonate,kaolin, superfine zirconium silicate and other non-metallicpowder grinding of choice, the relative proportion of 2.65ceramic

bead has improve production yield, wearsignificantly reduced, so that the improvement of product quality.

Chemical composition(%)

-AL2O3  Min.15

-ZrO2   Min.30

Real specific density: 3.2 g/cm3

Bulk density: 2. 0g/cm3


Compressive Strength:>750

Recommended disc speed (m/s):11max.


Sizes available: From 0.5 to 12mm

Specific Density 3.6:

Application of machinery: wet ultra class fine fast grindingmachine, slow stirring mill, roller mill etc..

Features: more than 3.2 the proportion of zirconia ceramicmicro bead is great, good grinding effect. Ceramicmaterial suitable for some higher requirements, especiallyfor superfine zirconium silicate industry more.

Chemical composition(%):

-AL2O3 Min.40

-ZrO2  Min.30

Real specific density:3.60 g/cm3

Bulk density:2.3 g/cm3


Compressive Strength:>900N

Recommended disc speed (m/s):11max.

Sizes available:From 0.5 to 12mm

Specific Density 4.0:

The main technical data:

Chemical composition: ZrO2:52%,     SiO2: 35%,    AL203:8%,   other: 5%

True density: > 4.0g/cm3

The filling density: 2.5g / cm3

Level 7.2: Mohs hardness

The wear value: up to international advanced level

Specification: Φ0-0.063, Φ0.063-0.125, Φ0.125-0.25,Φ0.25-0.425, Φ0.4-0.6, Φ0.6-0.8, Φ0.8-1.0, Φ1.0-1.2, Φ1.2-1.4, Φ1.4-1.7, Φ1.5-2.0, Φ2.0-2.5......also customized

The main performance:

Ball roundness, surface with excellent gloss, sintering, nomelting method production of zirconium silicate beadsappear hollow, irregular and adhesive bead and other phenomena.

Have excellent ductility, not disintegrate in high speed operation; minimal friction coefficient to make beads wear on equipment is low.

High density, the grinding efficiency is improved.

Specific Density 4.2:

Specifications: 0.2mm-20mm

Application: high rotating speeding fine mechanicalgrinding machine, ball mill grinding machine.

Scope of application: superfine heavy calcium carbonate,zirconium silicate superfine powder, superfine high-purity silica gel powder, high-grade color glaze, paint and inkcoating, high-grade electronic material, magnesium hydroxide, titanium dioxide.

Features: This product is lower than the yttria stabilizedzirconia ball proportion, so the starting current is smaller,and the hardness is bigger, is aimed at smaller powerultra-fine grinding machine, and requires the use of high strength grinding medium manufacturers save one-time investment of choice.

Chemical composition(%):



Real specific weight:>4.2 g/cm3

Bulk density:>2.85 g/cm3



Compressive Strength:>1600N

Water absorption:<0.01%

Sizes available:

From 0.2 to size selection

Specific Density 6.0:

Application: high speed mechanical stirring mill, grinding and peeling machine, horizontal sand mill, slow rolling mill.

Applicable industries: high-grade paint and ink, paint,high-grade color glaze, magnesium hydroxide, titaniumdioxide, ultrafine zirconia ultrafine silica acid, zirconium,ultra-fine silica gel powder, high purity electronic materials.

Features: a significant, high grinding efficiency, small abrasion, surface smooth as a mirror, basically nopollution material, also suitable for some higher, grindingnon-metallic mineral powder with high hardness. But the higher requirement on the grinding machine inner cylinderusing the material.


Chemical composition(%):

-ZrO2  Min.94.5

-Y2O3+Others  Min.5.5

Real specific weight:6.0±0.05 g/cm3

Bulk density:3.6-3.7 g/cm3

Bending Strength:Min.1000Mpa

Grain Size:Max.0.8um

Sizes available: 0.2 to 30mm