Product Detail

Ultra-pure, high purity content of 99 categories of mesoporous materials (%)

SBA-15 is the block copolymer as a template in acidic conditions mesoporous silicon having a two-dimensional hexagonal structure of the molecular sieve.

SiO2 / Al2O3 ≥500mol

BET specific surface area m2 / g≥800

≥90% relative crystallinity

Na2O ≤0.1%

Loss on ignition ≤5%

Aperture 6-10nm

SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieve has a pore size larger, thicker cell walls and higher pore volume, and has better hydrothermal stability, which is conducive to high temperature applications, the system of the reaction water Therefore in the fields of catalysis, separation, biological and nano-materials have a wide range of applications. Can be used for redox, pH, the polymerization reaction, the photocatalytic reaction, esterification, the Fischer-Tropsch reaction, chiral synthesis catalyst, can be used for adsorption separation and enzyme immobilization, as well as a template synthesis of nanowires and other nano-functional materials .

The specific surface area (m² / g)          pore diameter (nm)

600 ~ 800                                                   6 ~ 11

433.8                                                           4.2