Product Detail

Pore diameter (nm) 0.56-0.58

Silica to alumina ratio of 20 --- ≥300

BET specific surface area (m2 / g) ≥180

The relative degree of crystallinity (%) ≥95

Residual sodium (%): ≤0.1

Loss on ignition (%) ≤5

ZSM-22 structure has a TON topology skeleton, skeleton structure contains both five-membered rings, six-membered rings and ten yuan ring, which consists of ten-membered ring consisting of a one-dimensional channel for mutual non-crosslinked parallel channels, oval orifice shape.

ZSM-22 channels can inhibit the production of coke, small molecule reactions with strong shape selectivity. Due to having a suitable pore structure and surface acidity stronger, can be applied to catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, dewaxing, isomerization (such as paraffin isomerization and skeletal isomerization of butene), alkylation, dealkylation glycosylation, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, dehydration, cyclization and aromatization reactions and so on.