Product Detail

Pore diameter (nm) 0.55-1.0

Silica to alumina ratio  30

BET specific surface area (m2 / g) 550-800

The relative degree of crystallinity (%) ≥95

Residual sodium (%) ≤0.1

Loss on ignition (%) ≤5

Pore volume (cm3 / g) 0.15 ~ 0.50

MCM-22 is a plate-like crystals with a unique pore structure, catalytic properties of both acid. Hydrothermal stability, strong adsorption capacity, large surface area, in alkylation, environmental protection, gasoline reformer, catalytic cracking, isomerization and disproportionation, olefin isomerization, hydration, aggregation of many aromatic compounds, etc. catalysis has wide range of applications. Currently used in production, environmental protection and gasoline modified alkyl aromatics three areas.