Product Detail

SiO2 / Al2O3mol ≥20

BET specific surface area ≥850

Relative crystallinity% ≥90

Na2O% ≤0.1

Loss on ignition% ≤5

Pore diameter (nm) 2 ~ 5

MCM-41 molecular sieve is a long-range ordered mesoporous material with uniform pore size, with a high BET specific surface area, high adsorption capacity, uniform pore structure characteristics, the residue catalytic cracking, hydrogenation of heavy oil, lubricating oil hydrogenation , alkylation, olefin polymerization, have considerable potential value CH4 separation process and separation of CO2 and other acid-catalyzed and petrochemical fields, and in heterogeneous catalysis, ion exchange, sensor technology, as well as higher adsorptive separation of inorganic materials and other areas also have a higher value.