Product Detail

MCM-48 molecular sieve belongs M41S mesoporous molecular sieves with uniform pore diameter and two independent three-dimensional helical structure of about 2.6 nm pore network around.

SiO2 / Al2O3mol ≥500

BET specific surface area ≥750

Relative crystallinity% ≥90

Na2O% ≤0.1

Loss on ignition% ≤5

Aperture nm 2.5

MCM-48 has a good long-range order and high thermal stability. In selective catalysis, adsorption and separation of macromolecules, assembly and other aspects of nanoclusters have a very attractive prospect, can be used as an adsorbent, catalytic materials and subject material to synthesize novel photosensitizer electron mobility semiconductor materials, carbon fiber, a nonlinear optical material and a quantum clusters and the like. Because of its large aperture, can be a good adsorption from wastewater Hg, Pb, Ag, Cd, plasma radius, can not easily be microporous molecular sieve adsorption of heavy metal ions. At higher sulfate ion content of the case, you can remove low concentrations of chromate and arsenate, can also handle wastewater organic pollutants benzene, toluene and volatile organic compounds.