Product Detail
GCC(Toothpaste grade)
GCC(Toothpaste grade)

Heavy Calcium Carbonate;GCC, used for tooth paste.

Appearance: white powder, no end grain, no impurities

Carbonate identification: add acetic acid, bubbles

Calcium identification: The white precipitate was insoluble in 6N acetic acid, dissolved in hydrochloric acid

Loss on drying,% 0-2.0

Whiteness, ≥95.0

Purity (as CaCO3) (dry basis)% 98.0-100.5

Acid insoluble,% 0-0.05

PH value 9.0-10.0

Amount of water absorption, mL / g 0.19-0.25

Sulfide,% no

Asian sulfides (reduced sulfur), mg / kg 0-5

Arsenic (As) content, mg / kg 0-5

Heavy metal content, mg / kg 0-15

Iron (Fe) content, mg / kg 0-200

Magnesium and alkali metal content of 0-1.5%

The total number of bacterial cfu / g ≤100

Mold and yeast cfu / g ≤100

Fecal coliforms / cfu / g not detected

Staphylococcus aureus / cfu / g not detected

Pseudomonas aeruginosa / cfu / g not detected