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Single Layer Carbon Nanohorn 100
Single Layer Carbon Nanohorn 100

Single-walled carbon nanohorns (referred to as the carbon nanohorns) is an emerging and the nanocarbon material after the last few years following the nanotubes. Single carbon nanohorns having a diameter of 2 ~ 5 nm, the tapered configuration at one end closed and the other end opening, a length of 10 ~ 20 nm. CNHs generally spherical agglomerates having a diameter of 80-100nm presence, morphology of aggregates with dahlia, bud, and seed of three types.

CNHs large specific surface area and has a hollow structure, with broad applications in catalyst supports, drug delivery, fuel cells and so on. We have established a method for the preparation of a DC arc discharge carbon nanohorns, and is currently working to achieve carbon nanohorns used in energy storage and catalyst carriers and other aspects.

Element competition:Carbon

The purity of the elements: 100%

The specific surface area: 264m2/g

Diameter: 2-5nm

Size: 80-100nm

Packaging: Plastic Bottle with 1000g, 200g, 10g, 5g

Safety Precautions:

(1) This product is a fluffy powder, easy to produce dust, please note that when you use protection to avoid inhalation;

(2) The product should be sealed and stored in a dry and dark environments;

(3) in the transport process, prohibit mixed with hard objects, non-throwing, light loading and unloading.