Taikang committed reliable business practices, in order to promote sustainable natural and human resources development. We strive for the company, employees, communities and the environment, health and safety (EH & S) have a positive impact.

Taikang EH & S management system used to manage the following main areas:


Taikang conduct its business activity management, to comply with all applicable government laws and regulations of its declaration, Systematically recorded prevent, detect and correct a variety of potential violations of EH & S laws, regulations, licenses and agreements enforceable.

Caring protection

Taikang to protect its employees and the public health code of conduct to minimize the impact on the environment to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Taikang committed to continuous improvement of EH & S performance. By using Taikang Environmental Performance Index (HEPI), recorded incidence of injury and other indicators as improving EH & S objectives and measures Taikang EH & S performance.


Taikang combines innovative technology with EH & S a positive impact on the economic and practical objectives.

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